Milk Alternatives, Never Been So Easy!

The thought of changing our diets can be very daunting, even the things that we know are not good for us we still find it really hard to give it up. Some people may change their diets slowly, changing and taking away a few items at a time while others go "cold turkey", there is … Continue reading Milk Alternatives, Never Been So Easy!

Alicia Sheppard’s Pie (Vegan)

There are so many ways to make the meals that we love and maybe grew up on without using Dairy or Meat products. It really just takes getting use to a little different ingredients and in no time you will be making loads of meals that are just as good if not  better than the … Continue reading Alicia Sheppard’s Pie (Vegan)

Oats, All Day Everyday!

I could eat oats everyday, always. For breakfast lunch or supper. Oatmeal is something that I never get tired of eating. Now we are talking about actual whole grain oats, not instant loaded with sugar pre-packed oats although those are yummy they tend to be loaded with sugar.  As we all know oatmeal is so amazing … Continue reading Oats, All Day Everyday!

Avocado on Toast

This is probley one of the most popular breakfast or dinners meals these days, from magazines, TV, You Tube just about everywhere and theres a good reason for that,  It's absolutely delicious and only takes a few minutes to get ready. There are many different ways you can do this up to suit your own … Continue reading Avocado on Toast

Chickpeas, Leeks and Flatbread

Some of my best dinners come from not knowing what I am going to make and just winging it to see what happens. Today was a busy day and I didn't plan what I was going to make for supper,  when the time came I realized that we were definitely in need of a grocery … Continue reading Chickpeas, Leeks and Flatbread

Vegan Mason Jar Pantry

Mason Jar Pantries are a great way to try and keep all the things that you use daily on hand and looking really awesome. I don't have a lot of cupboard space in my home so we took one of the walls in our kitchen and made shelving with some pine wood. I bought a bunch … Continue reading Vegan Mason Jar Pantry

Lip Scrub

Winter can really make for dry conditions. If I am not out in the cold air then usually I am inside by the heater getting warm or having a bath every night, sometimes twice to warm myself to the bone. All of this really wreaks havoc on my skin hair nails lips you name it. … Continue reading Lip Scrub