Vegan Quinoa and Lentil Bowl

The flavour in this Quinoa and Lentil bowl was amazing! Sometimes it's nice to have something a little more on the lighter side, this bowl is great for that. It is super healthy for you and like I said the flavour is amazing! When we were on vacation we ate at Paneras a lot with … Continue reading Vegan Quinoa and Lentil Bowl

Roasted Veg!

Roasted Vegetables, Easy and simple seem to be a theme here. We have Roasted Vegetables in my home at least a few times a week. You can eat them with just about anything. They also make the best left overs, you can always make a couple of trays up and have lots for leftovers during … Continue reading Roasted Veg!

Homemade Almond Butter

 Homemade Almond Butter Almond Butter is my favourite nut butter, a sliced apple and a big table-spoon of almond butter makes for a great snack. I always find myself wanting to make everything that I can from scratch at home, even if it doesn't always work out so homemade almond butter was next on my … Continue reading Homemade Almond Butter

Mr. Munchy (VEGAN) Easter Bunny

Mr Munchy Easter Bunny! Time is close and the stores are filled with chocolate.  I have a weakness for chocolate as many of you do! I wanted to have some Easter treats this year for my home that were like the chocolates I would get from the easter bunny as a child, one of my … Continue reading Mr. Munchy (VEGAN) Easter Bunny

Energy Balls, Vegan

I have tried many protein balls in my day. lol! My favourite ones are from my local Cafe, "The Bicycle Lunch Box" which luckily for me is right next to my work.  I make some myself to have at home for my family and I, be warned though they will never last as long as … Continue reading Energy Balls, Vegan

Milk Alternatives, Never Been So Easy!

The thought of changing our diets can be very daunting, even the things that we know are not good for us we still find it really hard to give it up. Some people may change their diets slowly, changing and taking away a few items at a time while others go "cold turkey", there is … Continue reading Milk Alternatives, Never Been So Easy!

Alicia Sheppard’s Pie (Vegan)

There are so many ways to make the meals that we love and maybe grew up on without using Dairy or Meat products. It really just takes getting use to a little different ingredients and in no time you will be making loads of meals that are just as good if not  better than the … Continue reading Alicia Sheppard’s Pie (Vegan)

Oats, All Day Everyday!

I could eat oats everyday, always. For breakfast lunch or supper. Oatmeal is something that I never get tired of eating. Now we are talking about actual whole grain oats, not instant loaded with sugar pre-packed oats although those are yummy they tend to be loaded with sugar.  As we all know oatmeal is so amazing … Continue reading Oats, All Day Everyday!